A thank you

It’s a funny thing about writers (or, okay, this writer) — we spend so much of our time putting words on the page, but when someone walks up and tells us they liked those words, we can become strangely tongue-tied.

So, it’s been eight months since Bones of Faerie was released, and I wanted to say thank you — to everyone who’s read this book, to everyone who’s put a copy into someone else’s hands, to everyone who’s talked about it online (whether to say you loved it or to discuss the parts you didn’t love), and especially to everyone who’s come up to me (in person, in chat, or by email) to just tell me they’ve enjoyed it.

The quiet-ish “I’m really glad you liked it” that’s often my response doesn’t really express very well just how happy all these things have made me. Maybe this post doesn’t either, but knowing a story that’s been haunting me for years is out in the world, making its way, in some small way, into other people’s lives — is pretty wonderful, and I’m grateful, and I need to at least make an attempt at saying so. Thank you all.

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