Sunday night back-in-Tucson linky

Humans were making things out of flax fibers 34,000 years ago. (Can’t remember who I got this link from–speak up if it was you!)

karenhealy on the challenges of using the myths of cultures not your own, and how she brought in cultural consultants to help with same.

A post from Boston 1775 on Johnny Tremain asserting that the author saw it as being a World War II novel. Makes me want to reread the book agaub. (Via halseanderson.)

English teacher kmessner gets proactive about book challenges by explaining to parents ahead of time why her school library has so many different sorts of books, and why there may be books there that you don’t feel are appropriate for your child.

jimhines on the stages of book love. Jim also debunks common myths about self-publishing and shares twenty previously unknown facts about Neil Gaiman.

The Intern on why publishing a book won’t make you happier.

The results of megancrewe‘s publishing connections poll, which show that you don’t need connections to get published.

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