Lost in ____________

Have had fun watching Lost in Austen the past few days, which is basically exactly what is seems: A Pride and Prejudice obsessed romantic, Amanda Price, finds herself in the world of the story, while (almost more interestingly, though it’s only very lightly explored) Elizabeth Bennett finds herself in our world. A problematic ending, perhaps (which leaves some of the implications of the meta-ness unexplored), but worth it for the (at once silly and great fun) journey, as Miss Price finds herself mucking up the story more and more deeply, while Miss Bennett shows no interest in returning to pick up the threads of her life.
So, a question:

If you could be transported to the world of any one work of fiction, where would you go?

And, how does your answer change if either:

– You’re guaranteed safe passage home again when your time there is through, or

– Nothing is guaranteed, and there’s a reasonable chance you’ll have to stay in that world indefinitely

Also, a bit of silliness:

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