Bones (and related) linky

msagara reviews Bones of Faerie in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: “This is a lovely, quiet, sombre book about fear, war, and the possibility of healing, and some of the magic in the book is not actually magic; it’s in the glimpses of abandoned cars and distant, crumbling architecture, the ghosts of a past that are our present. Simner makes it strange, and real, with her economical, graceful prose and her understated world-building.”

Janette Rallison catches various writers in our workspaces. I was kind of relieved to see that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t have a chance to clean the office before snapping a picture.

Teens Read Too interviews me at Authors Unleashed.

More Bones takes from Bluecat Books, Tina’s Book Reviews, Teens Know Best! and Sparking Syllables.

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