Revision notes

So after sending off the copyedits for Thief Eyes late last night (yay!), I found some notes in my files from the first round of TE’s editorial revisions:


@K You know, you’re the only one trying to set things right from the very start. I love you for that, even if you’re not the one who does what needs doing in the end.

@G Don’t look at me like that. She’s doing way more than you are.

@H, @A I wouldn’t let being 20th cousins get in the way of anything you may be contemplating, no.

@H, @A Not that you’re contemplating anything. Of course. I understand that completely.

@Random_line Look at you just sitting there, ready to serve as setup for that thing I only just decided I needed to add, making me look like I knew what I was doing all along.

@Story Can we return to the illusion that all your revisions were clearly be minor and local, and that nothing would affect the larger story? kthxbye.

@A Umm, lots of things that work in the sagas don’t work in real life. You know that, right?

@S Didn’t anyone ever tell you that when you critique a poem you’re supposed to say something nice first?

@S You’re just a dirty old man, you know that? A dirty old man who happens to be on our side, but still.

@H When an immortal power says, “What would you give?” the correct answer is never, ever, “Anything.”

@H No, not even when your very life is at stake.

@Story Woo hoo! One whole line cut from that troubling too-long section!

@Story No, I don’t think I’m getting more than a little punchy here. Why do you ask?

@Random_minor_character_whose_name_we_never_learn I love you so much. You get to stay.

@H Oh. You think everything’s going to be all right now, don’t you? Ummm. Well.

@M Yeah, yeah, empty threats.

@Words I love you all, but seriously, some of you need to go.

@Words Any volunteers?


Not quite as many tweets as for my Bones of Faerie revisions–these guys really do seem to prefer proper letters. No surprise, I suppose, as they’re the ones I first started writing letters for

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