The copyedits for Thief Eyes are sitting in my backpack, having just arrived a few hours ago. (I could feel them staring at me through the nylon as I worked on the Bones sequel, telepathically demanding that I switch gears.)

I think this calls for visiting my local office supply store and buying some new colored pencils and sticky post-it tags. (Hey, it’s back-to-school sale season, right?)

While I shop, I can also remind myself that when reviewing copyedits, all a novel’s imperfections suddenly loom large, and its words seem to lose coherence and meaning, and that all of this is normal. By the time we get to page proofs, my book will seem beautiful again.

In the meantime, seeing all those pages marked up for typesetting (and, from there, printing up as a real book)? Kind of gives one a warm fuzzy feeling, too. 🙂

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