Desert plants

Weeding bermuda grass. Remembering, as I always do when I weed bermuda grass, that desert plants are really only a step or so away from the plants in Bones of Faerie.

The stalks’ long leaves rustled as he went by. In the distance, corn ears moaned as townsfolk pulled them free. The corn had grown well this year, and the squash and beans, too. They’d all fought our harvesting, and we had the bruises to show for it, but come winter we would eat well.

Yeah. The only real difference being that bermuda grass doesn’t make good eating. (For humans anyway. I’m told horses like it just fine. :-))

A couple times we’ve even found bermuda grass growing in the guest bedroom. That stuff really could take down cities, given half a chance.

Weed some bermuda grass, brush up against a few jumping cholla, and you really could believe that plants have designs on taking over the world.

And yet, in a way that’s hard to explain, all of that is tied up in why I love living here.

I wonder if, in some small way, Liza might one day start to feel that way about her world, too, even as she chides herself for being foolish for doing so.

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