Speaking of summer reading …

kmessner posts an excellent defense of summer reading freedom–and summers without required reading lists.

People have rights as readers. Think about it. You’re probably looking forward to some summer reading yourself, right? I’ll bet you have some titles in mind, and I’ll bet that some books will pop up over the next few months, too — books that your friends recommend or books you read about online. But wait…. On June 24th, someone gives you a list. “This is what you’ll be reading this summer,” they say. “Okay?”

No. Not okay. Not even if it’s a list of, say, twenty titles and I get to pick any five I want. Twenty titles? Out of all the books in the world? I get to choose from these twenty? Really?

I also love the way kmessner did come up with a list of (non-required) reading recommendations for her students–she asked each of her students to recommend “One Book to Read This Summer,” and then compiled a list of their recommendations.

As it’s officially summer now (hah, say those of us in places where school’s been out for a month!), it occurred to me that we could play, too. So:

– Recommend one book for folks to read this summer
– It can be any kind of book–any genre, for any age, entirely text-based or graphic novel–just something that you think would make for good summer reading, for whatever reason
– In a few days, maybe a week or so (depending when I get my revisions done!), I’ll post the compiled list of everyone’s suggestions here!

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