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dancinghorse, aka Judith Tarr, is having a mentoring/critiquing sale until the end of the weekend. Perhaps even more tempting, you can also commission a story from her–I’m pretty sure there’s no deadline on that.

skyfrye on the importance of (so-called) controversial books in classrooms: “It’s irresponsible to try to keep children from controversial books. It’s not assigned to make children accept the issues at hand, but to let them know that the issues exist. It allows them to evaluate themselves and come up with their own views on it. Any parent that tries to stop that self-evaluation and personal growth that can come from a book is, I’m sorry, an idiot. All they’re doing is stopping their child from reaching their own decisions and their own potential. If you try to protect children from disagreeable subjects (‘Oh, noes! Homosexuality and drug use exist! We cannot let our children know of these things!’) all you do is leave them woefully unprepared for the world outside their parents care.” (Via malkingrey.)

Brandon Sanderson on The YA Invasion: “I think it made the genre better. I think we’ve had to look at our sluggish beginnings in epic, and realize that two hundred pages of wandering around a castle before conflict appears may not be the best way to begin a story. We’ve had to become more creative in our worldbuilding, partially (I think) to compete with the elegance of YA competition.” (As usual, a few adult readers complain in comments about having to go to the YA section to find good books. I’m beginning not to care–and beginning to think that if a grown man or woman can’t figure out how to walk from one section of the bookstore to another, maybe they get what they deserve. :-)) (Via gwendabond.)

Karen E. Bender on importance of belief–and of a middle initial–in her quest to become a writer. (I can’t remember anymore who this came from. tltrent?)

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