Digging in

– Read the letter

– Resist at least one large-scale thing
Huh–may get to skip this one, this time. (Not that there aren’t a few large-scale things I need to figure out. There just aren’t large-scale things I need to figure out that I’m resisting. :-))

– Pace and fret
Not yet, but am reserving the right to revisit this one later.

– Sit down and enter all the notes, in the letter and on the hardcopy, into the manuscript, putting them in brackets so I know they’re notes

– Make the most minor changes, spelling and word choice and other trivialities, because those are easy, and because I might as well get them out of the way
– Wander restlessly through the manuscript, making mid-scale changes out of order

Next up.

Last time, the changes were mostly about character. This time, they’re mostly about logistics.

Though like the last time around, once this book’s perfect character shows up, the density of notes drops off dramatically. I love those guys.

Wonder if there’s any way I can order one of them up for every book I write …

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