Revision, revision

Sometime today, the revision letter for Thief Eyes should be landing in my mailbox.

If this is anything like the revisions for Bones and Secret (but then, every book has a way of being its own thing), the process from there might go something like this:

– Read the letter
– Resist at least one large-scale thing — “I can’t possibly do that!” “The story would fall apart!” “Or even if it wouldn’t, I don’t know how to do that!”
– Pace and fret
– Sit down and enter all the notes, in the letter and on the hardcopy, into the manuscript, putting them in brackets so I know they’re notes
– Make the most minor changes, spelling and word choice and other trivialities, because those are easy, and because I might as well get them out of the way
– Wander restlessly through the manuscript, making mid-scale changes out of order
– While doing all of the above, make notes on the large-scale issues
– While making notes on the large-scale issues, begin, at last, to see that of course I can tackle them
– Dig in, tear things apart, change the big stuff
– Check to make sure all the brackets have gone away
– Fret because in tearing things apart, my once-polished prose is once again an unruly mess
– Re-polish the edited book back into ruly-ness
– Lather, rinse, repeat

For all the fretting (but then, fretting seems a normal part of every stage of my process :-)), I love revision and the ways in which we can dig in and make the story better.

In the meantime, this morning is for clearing the decks of various non-revision related things!

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