Do four links make a post?

jimhines offers fourteen responses to the question should my child read your book? I’m especially fond of, “Yes. When he’s finished, he can let you know whether or not it’s appropriate for grown-ups,” but then, I would be.

elissadcruz on The different types of critiquers. In my experience, the biggest mistake new writers and new critique groups make is to focus on line critiques instead of global critiques. (Or maybe it’s not a mistake. Maybe it’s a necessary step in one’s development as a writer, since so many of us have been there.) (via cynleitichsmith.)

Greg Leitich Smith’s handy guide to who owns whom in publishing. (also via cynleitichsmith.)

shvetufae had an interesting post a while back on online life and the cult of the author, touching on (among other things) the whole business of how we talk about books, now that we know the author is out there, googling, and will possibly see our words.

ETA: Okay, via buymeaclue, here’s a fifth thing: an 80s flashback via the literal video version of Total Eclipse of the Heart. But clicking on it will only make your eyes bleed, so don’t. But here’s the original video for comparison.

ETA2: Weird confession: I read the Iliad at the same time Total Eclipse of the Heart was released, so I always found myself thinking of the goddess Athena on the chorus, “Turn around, brighteyes …”

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