Summer reading!

So, the Pima County Library not only has an online Summer Reading Club (school let out two days ago!), but adults are welcome to come play. This makes my inner ten year old happy. I have fond memories of proudly reporting back on my books to volunteers at my childhood public library, and later of being a teen volunteer and hearing kids tell me about their books in turn.

It does weird me out just a little to be asked to track my minutes reading instead of just books or pages. I know this is a common school thing … assigning a certain amount of time reading each night, rather than (or in addition to?) specific books … When I dive into a book, the whole point is to lose myself and all sense of time as I read. If I’m tracking my minutes … that turns play into work, somehow.

Summer reading should never feel like work. If I can’t just track number of books like when I was a kid, I think I’ll track number of pages instead. Not that I think about that when a book is really good either–but it’s easy to look up afterwards.

Any other locals wanna play? 🙂

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