Weekend music

This weekend was the Tucson Folk Festival, which means we got to spend all day Saturday, well, listening to music. 🙂

Heard old favorites Courtney Robbins and Roth D’Lux, both of whom we discovered at the folk festival (Robbins tends toward folk, Roth D’Lux toward pop, though both have elements of both), as well as new (to us) discoveries such as Wayward Maggie (at their best when doing amazing acapella two-part harmonies), Bob Malone (whose singing and piano playing at times were reminiscent of Billy Joel, in their way), Ice-9 (with their amazing lead harmonica–yes, harmonica), and Batucaxe (Brazilian music you can’t help getting up and dancing to).

And then–then, we got to hear Vienna Teng live, not at the Folk Festival, but nearby over at Club Congress, where she was on tour for her new album (but still sang a few songs from the older ones, too). There was lots of ooohing around here when we realized Teng was actually coming to Tucson. I adore her music–right now she and Richard Shindell are probably on my list of favorites.

And then I wrote lots and lots today, with the new album and older ones both happily playing on the mp3 player as I did. 🙂

(I keep coming back around to the notion that if, as rymenhild pointed out, Noe Venable’s “Euridyce” is a Liza song, Vienna Teng’s “Gravity” just might be a Tara song …)

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