Not all characters have the attention span for letters

You’d think I’d have written enough exploratory drafts of possible new projects to stop worrying about whether there’s a real story there this time, but there seems to be nothing to be done for it except to accept the fretting.


@A I want to get on with the action and you want someone to stop and tell you a story?

@A And to play music? Yes, it’s lovely that you play music, but don’t you have things to do?

@A You’re just humoring me, aren’t you? Once I find the story, this is all going to change, isn’t it?

@story I gaze longingly in the direction of your second draft, which this is so very much not

@A H and her crowd had the attention span for actual letters, you know that?

@Si Wait–who are you? You’re interesting. Don’t be interesting. This isn’t your story.

@Si No, I didn’t mean that–of course you should be interesting-not-boring. Just not too interesting. Or the wrong kind of interesting. or–

@Si Nevermind. I can always lose you in rewrite.

@A Mmm, fresh squirrel.

@chap2 You’re always so much more trouble than @chap1, you know that?

@Si, @NameToCome Is every 10-year-old in this book going to make a case for tagging along for the journey part of the story? Can’t you all find a nice middle grade novel to go adventuring in instead?

@firstpersonpov Explain this sentence pls: “I whirled away before I could see the relief cross his features, or hear him thank me.”

@A Angry much?

@L Hey! I’ve missed you!

@M You, too!

@chap3 Already liking you better, thanks.

@J Hey, how about I let A crush on you instead of hating your guts? Improvement, or improvement?

@story First drafts mean never having to apologize for repeating yourself.

@A Really, I think you’re only allowed one chapter to freak out and be useless and feel sorry for yourself.

@M What, you want to come along, too?

@story Research you’ve asked me too do so far: brain injuries, forms of insanity, long-term effects of radiation poisoning. Oh, we’re going to have a cheery time together, I can tell.

@C, @L So I’m leaving you behind together–but no taking unreasonable martyr-ish risks to save everyone and everything but yourselves, okay?

@C, @L I mean it! Don’t make me come back there.

@M Sure you can’t stay behind and keep an eye on those two?

@Sa I think you’re my favorite character. Remind me again why I rendered you unconscious on page 3?

@chap3 You’re getting tedious too. Am now pinning my hopes on chap4.

@chap2, @chap3 Admit it–you’re really the same chapter, aren’t you?

@J I look forward to the imminent arrival of your personality.

@story Are we really right for each other? Maybe I should just work on something else.

@story I know this is the first draft, and you’ll be better later. But shouldn’t I love you for who are, rather than hoping to change you?

@Sa You know, this story would be simpler if I killed you instead of rendering you unconscious.

@Sa Yes, I realize simpler isn’t always better.

@story The problem is, I keep hoping things will be different, that this time writing you will be easy.

@story But I’ll get over it.

@story Either that or I’ll write something else.

@Ki Are you going to go all “rue for remembrance” on me?

@chap4 I can has story now? Pls?

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