Link salad, Passover edition

eldritchhobbit has compiled a general list of dystopic fiction, post-apocalyptic and otherwise.

This description of a spring day of hiking and relaxing in Iceland made me smile.

justinelavaworm on agents and rejection: “An agent who passes cause they’re not sufficiently in love with your writing is DOING YOU A FAVOUR.” That. Yes.

And in response, kateelliott on paddling and writing: ” All you can control is your own stroke and your own rhythm. And I tell you, I do not want to paddle with a person who is sure that the canoe does not have glide or is not going fast enough because everyone else is doing something wrong but not, oh not, them. Maybe they are perfect, but that attitude doesn’t help the crew improve or the boat to go faster.”

tltrent gives a wildlife biology perspective on Macho B, the jaguar recently found — and recently euthanized — in Arizona.

Writer Beware on the pattern followed by many articles on self-publishing. Specifically, the tendency to highlight a couple of success stories, and then proclaim print publishing dead, without either making the link between these two things, or looking at the statistics behind the anecdotes. (What proportion of self-published books reach their audiences? What proportion of traditionally published? And so on.) (Via lnhammer.)

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