Tracing Liza’s route

Not long before I began revising Bones of Faerie for my editor, I took a trip to St. Louis — first to go to Nasfic, but after that, to do some on-site research. Liza’s story is set in Missouri, and while her town is fictional, the larger area it’s in is real.

In case anyone else is also interested, I’ve uploaded some of my photos of Liza’s journey. (Photos contain mild spoilers.) The war with Faerie altered the landscape shown here quite a bit, but these are some of the bones that the world of the story is built on.

Here’s the place that Liza first crosses the Meramec River. The bridge, of course, is long gone by the time she gets there:

[Meramec River Crossing]

Forest near Liza’s home. Even when there’s a clear path through them, the trees can never fully be trusted:


Because the forest changes from dark to bright to dark again in an instant:

[More Forest]

I never get tired of taking pictures of the Arch, rising above the trees and the city:

[Gateway Arch]

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