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I had a lovely time reading alongside fellow YA author Janette Rallison at Changing Hands Bookstore last night.

It was at one point pointed out that we could between us sort of represent “good fairies” (Janette) and “bad fairies” (me) — except then we both found ourselves pointing out that our fairies are more complicated than that. Which pretty much matches up with my take on ballads and faerie lore in general, actually–good and evil are human divisions, and the fey folk don’t always fall neatly into human categories.

But of course, neither do we humans.


School Library Journal on Bones of Faerie: “Simner perfectly captures the sense of danger with her stark prose and ratchets up the tension as readers slowly begin to unravel the terrible truth of what happened to the land of Faerie during the war. The characters are well drawn, and the resolution is deftly handled, being both satisfying and firmly grounded in Liza’s emotional reality. Fans of Lois Lowry’s trilogy, which includes The Giver (Houghton, 1993), will thoroughly enjoy this novel.” (Complete review here.)

Elizabeth Scott says nice things about Bones of Faerie in her vlog at Elizabeth Writes:

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