Cactus dress-up

There’s a barrel cactus out front, which we planted when it was still small enough to fit in a seedling pot, not long after we bought our house. For years it didn’t seem to grow, though at least it didn’t die, like the seedlings we planted around it. And then it did grow, slowly at first, until suddenly it looked like a real cactus that lived in our yard, and not something we’d planted that simply hadn’t gotten around to dying yet.

Yesterday, as I walked by, I saw a bright magenta flower. “Our little cactus is all grown up!” I thought.

“Look closer,” lnhammer said this morning.

So I did. The flower turns out to be a bloom from our bougainvillea, blown away and caught by the barrel cactus spines, nothing more.

Not so grown up after all, that barrel cactus. Just playing dress-up, as children do.

It’s survived this long–one day it’ll grow up and bear flowers of its own. In the meantime, why shouldn’t it play? 🙂

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