Five links make a post

Neil Gaiman interviewed on The Colbert Report: “As I remember, those four little rabbits were absolutely terrified of ending up in Mr. McGregor’s excellent rabbit pie.”

Shami Chakrabarti on why Harry Potter is a war criminal. (Via fjm.)

Nathan Bransford on dealing with negativity: Because the cardinal rule of dealing with negativity is: Don’t complain about negativity … once you have been picked on: try try try to care as little as possible. (Via cynleitichsmith.)

vjanssenblog on the art of (writerly) waiting.

Abebooks on post-apocalyptic books. Somehow it never quite occurred to me before that the bible was a post-apocalyptic work. Also: “Many authors don’t explain in detail the nature of their book’s catastrophe but, in many ways, it’s unimportant – the thoughts and actions of the survivors are what counts. How do they survive? Do they attempt to hold civilization together? Do they adopt new values? What do they reject and what do they retain?” (Via harvestar.)

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