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papersky talks about Bones of Faerie at, where she brings up an intriguing thought about apocalyptic fiction in general: “But the apocalypse was a war with Faerie, and what destroyed civilization was the revenge of the trees. Maybe every age gets the apocalypse they deserve. Wells’s colonising Victorians got colonising Martians. Wyndham’s Cold War contemporaries got bathed in mutating radiation. Now the Green generation gets a Green apocalypse, where neglected nature comes back and bites—literally.”

Sharon Loves Books and Cats made me smile with: “If Bones of Faerie book had zombies in it, it might have been the most perfect book ever written.” (She says other lovely things, too.)

jmprince reviews Bones for Teensreadtoo: “Familiar cities destroyed in the war and simple tokens leftover from Before will give readers much to shudder about. But not everything is realistic. Harmless plants will make readers cringe after they learn about murderous trees in forests charmed by faerie magic and plants that yearn for human blood. This is not your mother’s fairytale”.

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Still feeling pretty honored by everyone who’s taken the time to share their thoughts about this book. 🙂

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