Talent, speed, and popularity

Or, three links make a post:

redcrowkater on the myth of talent: I’ve been involved in visual arts for a very long time. It happens, on occasion, that someone admires my work. I know they mean well when they say things like “You’re so talented!” but it still irks me a little. Doesn’t my 20+ years of practice count for anything? It’s like scrimping and saving to buy a nice new car, and having people assume Daddy bought it for you.

sarazarr on how taking more than a year to write a book is perfectly normal: A lot of authors are on this “book a year” schedule, or at least a book published per calendar year. But for most of us, the publishing schedule doesn’t reflect the time spent developing and writing the books.

halseanderson on how not everyone will like your book and that’s just the way it is: Someone will always pop up to object to or complain about your book, no matter what you write. That’s a given. There is no way you can please everyone. Neither can you write a book that will appeal to everyone’s tastes. First and foremost, you need to write the book that is in your heart.

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