So via incandragon I found mention of a series of very old-school-looking romances about vikings and navy seals and time travelers. And I thought, this could be the sort of stuff that’s so bad it’s fun, and I began looking them up.

I could just get past the covers, which involved half-naked men draped in furs and half-naked women dressed in bits of flowy silky fabric, in spite of what I know about period clothing. I could get past the plot descriptions themselves. I could almost get past the mention of “hard-bodied warriors.”

It was the mention of “fair maidens” that did me in. (As in, “swept back to an era of hard-bodied warriors and fair maidens.”)

Fair maidens in flowy silky gowns, swooning in the arms of their men. (Thinks of Hallgerður, and Guðrún, and any number of others.)

No one should be allowed to write this stuff without reading the sagas first.

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