The many shapes of a writing career, part 2

So this morning I’m thinking about how the flip side to the unexpected roadbumps and setbacks in a writing career is that there’ll also be unexpected moments of serendipity, those times when something helps your writing or your career along that you couldn’t possibly have predicted.

So I thought I’d put up a post for sharing (here or in your own blogs) the bits of serendipity that have helped us out along the way.

Here are some–though by no means all–of mine:

– About a year after starting to write, stumbling upon a critique group right where I lived, even though I didn’t even realize I needed a critique group, and learning all manner of things I needed to learn from them. (I’ve twice since them had amazing critique groups too–but that was the first, before I knew to look for one.)

– Twice coming upon a series anthologies at just the right time, once when I was just beginning to write short fiction, and once when I was just beginning to realize that I wanted to write for children and teens.

– Finding that right agent who got and even liked the sort of thing I was already writing, and her finding that right editor who got and liked that sort of thing as well.

– Countless small kindnesses–encouraging words, bits of craft and business advice at just the right time that clicked just so through the years.

There’s no one path and there will almost always be twists and turns, both positive and negative, along the way. Maybe that’s all we can really generalize about any writing career.

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