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pdlloyd shares pictures from the Tucson signing. I’ve felt honored by the presence of friends, new and old, at the signings that have launched Bones of Faerie out into the world–and by those who’ve taken the time to comment on the book out in the blogosphere, too.

Shaken and Stirred on Bones of Faerie: “This is a daunting, destructive Faerie, but a mysterious one too–and although we find out what happened to it, we don’t really find out much about the details of its before, only what we need for the story at hand. I admired the restraint. I also loved the creation of the human world, the attention to its texture, the attention to the new operating tendencies of nature, and to mixing the old knowledge and technology with the characters’ new reality.” (gwendabond also says interesting things about the role of fantasy in apocalyptic fiction in general.)

More on Bones from Novels Now, The Reading Zone, Adventures in SciFi Publishing, and lj-er samhenderson.

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