Woke to snow covering the mountains yesterday, nearly down to the city. Ended the day with a stunning huge yellow moon rising over the Rincons. It’s good to be home.


Bones of Faerie is on the Spring 2009 Indie Next List! I enjoyed a bowl of ice cream with far too many sprinkles by way of celebration last night. 🙂

VOYA on Bones: “Simner creates a fresh, compelling novel in a highly saturated fantasy market. The beginning resonates with tension and pulls the reader into a finely written, multilayered story … They will also be satisfied by an ending that is optimistic yet not akin to a fairy tale.” (Full review on Bones’ B&N page.)

More reviews and other comments from: Shooting Stars Mag, penmage, Genevieve, liralen, akamarykate, and az-ang.

Also, az-ang reports on the Phoenix signing. And, umm, other things too. 🙂

I’m so grateful to and honored by everyone whose taken the time to share their thoughts on this book. Thank you, all.

ETA: I just got word that Bones is going into a second printing. Wheeee!

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