Is the correct usage linkage or linky?

Either way, seeing folks talking about Bones of Faerie makes me very very happy. 🙂 (Almost overwhelmedly so!)

Genevieve from FiveAwesomeYAFans on Bones of Faerie:

Bones of Faerie in 60 Seconds at

– The Poisoned Pen (where I signed yesterday) on Bones: “… think of it as a cross between a Neil Gaiman fairy tale and apocalytpic fiction.”

– More on Bones from The Harvard Bookstore, Bookdwarf, Menasha Kids (at the Menasha Public Library), Greg Leitich Smith, Books By Their Cover, Reading Fanatic, and Apparently!, as well as on goodreads.

– Another sighting in the wild from azang.

– Via cynleitichsmith I learned that both her new book Eternal and Bones of Faerie is listed under “Dark and Thrilling Reads” in the My Borders Monthly February newsletter.

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