Home again

I’m home! Got into Phoenix Friday afternoon, where I stayed overnight with harvestar and aerhianna, who I don’t see nearly often enough since they’ve moved. New York is a lovely and energized and just fun city (how can some part of you not love a town that serves miso-and-matzo-ball soup?), but it’s always good to breathe those first breaths of desert air, too.

Saturday morning, lnhammer (yay!) joined us for lunch at a frybread place (one thing I suspect isn’t served in New York), and then we all headed on to the Poisoned Pen for my Phoenix signing. The Poisoned Pen is a great indie bookstore, and Barbara, the owner, had read the book, and asked me questions about it, which was a lot of fun.

Got to see more lj friends: crookedfeet (a Poisoned Pen regular who’d suggested to them I sign there), redcrowkater, cloudshaper2k, _twilight_, azang, aliensplicer, and son-number-two. We lingered in the bookstore a while, and then those of us who were still there decamped to a local coffeeshop before lnhammer and I hit the road for Tucson.

It’s been truly wonderful to feel welcomed by friends in both New York and in Phoenix– that made both those events feel extra-special.

And now I’m home, where the desert is having one of its rare wet-and-drippy days, and where I’m still in my PJs and don’t have any plans at all. 🙂

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