Bones of Faerie giveaway

Many thanks to everyone who entered the Bones of Faerie giveaway! I enjoyed reading your entries.

There were 31 entries split over all but one of the songs on the list, with Billy Joel’s “The Falling of the Rain” as the only song that no one guessed. Four songs were guessed by only one person: “The Fall,” “The Enchantment,” “Thomas the Rhymer,” and “Hope on Fire.” Two people each voted for “Varulven” and “This Was Pompeii,” five each for “Tam Lin,” “Requiem,” and “Fallen,” and the most–eight–for “All Through the Night.”

Apparently this would have been the time to go with the ask-the-audience lifeline, because it’s “All Through the Night” that gets sung in the book. 🙂 klwilliams and archangelbeth were exactly right when they said that copyright and permissions were an issue–“All Through the Night” was the third of the songs on the list that isn’t under copyright.

I followed the extremely scientific method of grabbing lnhammer on the way out the door this morning and having him draw from the finalists names, and the winners are:

dethscriptions and rymenhild! Congratulations to you both–email me your addresses at janni(at)simner(dot)com, along with what name you’d like me to sign the books to, and I’ll drop them in the mail.

And thanks again to everyone for entering–and I hope you all enjoy Bones once it’s out in the world! 🙂

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