Monday linky

(That would be the Monday eight days before Bones’ release date, not that I’m counting.)

Harold Underdown on working in children’s books and the recession of 2008-09.

carriejones on why she writes.

Becky Levine on how to receive a critique.

Report finds concerns about online threats to children overblown. Basically, the dangers of being online are no greater than the dangers of day to day life in the world at large–and online bullying is a far greater issue than online predators. (Link via prof_brotherton.)

Personally, I’m convinced there are thousands of lives being saved online–because being online means no matter who you are, you can find people who understand you and your life and your issues without having to wait to grow up and leave home (if you ever really do manage to leave home) to do it. That’s a huge improvement on life before the internet, and I want to hear more of those stories. Stories about finding one’s people and finding one’s support group.

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