Bones of Faerie giveaway

My author copies of Bones of Faerie arrived today! Such a pretty book … the cover still makes me smile. And these copies I get to keep. Except I’m not going to keep all of them, because I’ve already read the book, and because I’d rather give a couple copies away instead.

Those of you who’ve been reading this journal–whether it’s been for the past five minutes or the past five years–have been with me for some part of this journey, and for a while now I’ve been wanting to give something back for keeping me company. I’d send you all copies if I could.


The contest: A while back, while I was deep in the revision process for Bones of Faerie, I posted the playlist I came up with the spur me on. Each of these songs in some small way reminded me of the book I was working on, though some of the connections were more tenuous than others.

But exactly one song from that playlist is sung in the book. Guess which one.

I’ll randomly choose two entries from the correct answers, and send you copies of Bones. (Unless no one gets it right, and then I’ll choose randomly from the incorrect answers.)

Anyone passing through this journal is eligible to enter, whether you’ve just found it or been here for a while. Except that anyone who’s already read the book isn’t eligible, of course. You don’t need to have an lj account, though it’d be helpful if you could sign with a first name or online handle if you don’t.

Deadline is midnight Arizona time a week from today–that’s next Wednesday, January 21. I’ll mail copies to the winners by the end of next week, in hopes that they’ll reach you in time for release day January 27. (Possibly just a little later if the book has any oceans to cross on its way to you.)

The playlist is below. Thanks for joining me here for the ride. 🙂


Bones of Faerie playlist

– “Thomas the Rhymer,” Steeleye Span
“And they rode faster than the wind/Until they came to a desert wide and living land was left behind …”

– “The Enchantment,” Cats Laughing
“I thought you’d come from a fairy tale/Where the people all are fair …”

– “Falling of the Rain,” Billy Joel
“And she sang, for she didn’t mind the falling of the rain …”

– “Tam Lin,” Mediæval Bæbes
“The queen of faeries, she caught me/In yon green hill to dwell …”

– “This Was Pompeii,” Dar Williams
“Everyone has memories/From the night that melted stone …”

– “Requiem,” Eliza Gilkyson
“Our world has been shaken/We wander our homelands forsaken …”

– “The Fall,” Peter and the Wolf
“And the market is dead and the phone lines are down/But it ties us together …”

– “Varulven (Werewolf),” Garmarna
“And when she reached the forest blue/Linden trees quiver in the grove/There she met with a gray wolf …” (Only, in Swedish.)

– “Fallen,” K. D. Lang
“The leaves have lost hold of the branches as always/Which leaves us with gold and wine colored pathways …”

– “All Through the Night,” Peter, Paul and Mary
“Sleep my child and peace attend thee/All through the night …”

– “Hope on Fire,” Vienna Teng
“Gotta move, gotta choose/You’ve got a difference to make/Don’t watch it happen again …”

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