New year’s linkiness

Ally Carter discusses eleven myths about the publishing industry. (Via sarazarr.)

New uses for google maps: choose a locale and see what happens if you drop nuclear weapons or other major projectiles there. (I’m still pondering the significance of the fact that lnhammer both looked at this and had among our first thoughts, “Hmm, wonder what happens if I drop an asteroid on St. Louis …”)

There’s still time to submit your favorite word to Powell’s for a chance to win a complete Oxford English Dictionary. Alternately, you could spring for one–at $895 until January 5, it’s a bargain. (No, seriously–that’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen for the 20-volume set. The OED is a serious dictionary.)

And some Yuletide links–three returns and one departure:

Lend Song a Sweeter Grace: Menolly returns to Half Circle Sea Hold. (Harper Hall)

En Pointe: Rue and Mytho return to Fakir and Ahiru’s world to search for story shards and their missing subjects. (Princess Tutu)

The Fifth Branch: The fifth branch of the Mabinogi, in which–on the eve of his coronation as king–Lleu still yearns to return to his transformed wife. (The Mabinogion)

Little Settlement on the Moon: Pa had been born with wandering feet. So when the grasshoppers drive his family away from the banks of Plum Creek, he packs up and heads for the moon. (Little House on the Prairie)

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