Stories I’m not going to write

Every so often–when I’m trying to figure out what I’m writing next, when a new year has begun, when both these things manage to happen at the same time–I go through my idea box.

In addition to finding intriguing ideas I’d forgotten about (though once they were so vivid I was sure I couldn’t possibly ever forget), I also always find a few stories that (although they once felt vivid and powerful) don’t speak to me anymore.

So here are a handful of stories I’m not going to write–put out there, at the start of this new year, in case they spark something for someone else who might write them instead. 🙂

– Dragons fear gold and so must always keep it in sight
– An adventure series about a junior search and rescue group
– Daedalus’ Daughter
– A journey to the source of the river that washes illusions away
– Stealing shadows on the schoolyard (actually, I think Anne Ursu has already written this one …)
– Little House on the Red Planet (Little House on the Prairie on Mars)
– Elfland Survivor
– Seeking political asylum in Elfland
– “I’m bored. Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored. And did I mention? Bored.”
– The Sidhe in the black market baby trade
– The Gulf of How

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