“Yes, we know who you are” … or, a rare bit of TV-related burbling

The end of Doctor Who, Season Four felt like one of the best crossover fics ever — bringing pretty much everyone who’s interacted with the Doctor over four seasons together in one glorious story.

Only the ending was somewhat unsatisfying, because of SPOILER. I always hated stories that do SPOILER at the end (kids books used to be fond of this), and even though this was a case of SPOILER done well, and admitted to be the tragedy it is. But even so, if you’re going to SPOILER a character, the least you can do is show that he or she has somehow still been affected by the events before SPOILER, or what was the point?

Except the not-being-affected was part of the tragedy, and I don’t see how it could have been done differently without major plot changes. But I’m still discontent about it.

Even so, before all that, ANOTHER SPOILER was pretty glorious, wasn’t it?

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