As clueless a protagonist as ever protagged

The above being a random fragment in my post-this-one-day file that I obsessively felt the need to go ahead and post before deleting. That out of the way, this is really just a Monday linky post:

Five (or so) Awesome YA Fans post daily videos about YA fiction. And life in general. And saving the world.

Nick Green on reading fanfic of one’s own work.

How to travel for free. Or on the cheap, anyway. (Interesting for some of the comments, too–some folks have a fairly intense resistance to anything but a top-notch-hotel, see-as-many-sights-as-possible sort of travel.)

This followup article on the tao of vagabond travel links to a video about music and life and the problems of always being goal and destination oriented.

redcrowkater on the importance of sleep: Think of this: If you were to tell people that you were going to spend an extra hour a day exercising, so that you’d be healthier, they’d think you were virtuous. But if you spend an extra hour sleeping, either in a nap or at night, they think you’re either ill or lazy, even if you’re doing it for the same reason (your health).

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