In which I know what I’m doing … or not

I haven’t had much to say about TE lately (mostly because it’s in that waiting place that’s out of my control, and doesn’t make for interesting blogging), but I just stumbled upon this post from one of my last rounds of revisions, which somehow I never posted:


Reading through my manuscript, I come to a line — You can almost see how the walls must have fit together once, can’t you? Before the rifting tugged them apart — and I stop short.

janni: Hey, that line there, it’s not just about geology. It’s all metaphor.
lnhammer: Yes, that’s why it’s there.
janni: It’s all about the people in this book.
lnhammer: Yes, that’s why you put it in there.
janni: I had no idea.
lnhammer: Yes, you did. You put it there on purpose.
janni: You overestimate my self-knowledge.
lnhammer: You underestimate your memory.

I guess now I’ll never know if I put it there on purpose or if my subconscious was working overtime!


Also, one more character note from the same file:

Dear Gunnar of Hlíðarendi,

I spent a lot of time, during my recent travels in your country, researching turf houses. I was looking forward to putting that research to use.

So you can understand my dismay when, while rereading the account of your tragic demise, I realized you built your home entirely out of expensive imported wood.

You’d think that, as one of the great heroes of your generation, you could be a bit more considerate.


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