I’m sure that Chewbacca Pez dispenser is around here somewhere

Things that make me despair for humanity: In a store today I saw “flameless candles!” Made with “real wax!” And “battery operated!” I couldn’t help it–I looked inside, and saw a candle inside some candle-shaped wax. Ummm, are you guys even trying to keep the tacky stuff you sell from being tacky anymore? Also, I bet a real candle would burn longer than some of those light bulbs will last.

Things that make me worry I’ve become a grownup: At the same store, I passed over the Pez dispensers for a package of just Pez, because I could get more candy that way for the same amount of money, and it’s not like the candy tastes any better just because a snowman or reindeer dispenses it.

Things that restored my faith in humanity: Biking home, I passed a bicyclist heading the other way who said, “There’s snow up ahead.” I looked, saw a tiny snowman by the curb. “Cute,” I said, and looked up to tell the folks in front of the house so. That’s when I saw the full-size snowman. They’d carted snow down from Mount Lemmon in the back of their pickup just to make a snowman. Dude.

As I continued to bike home, I regretted passing on those Pez dispensers, unnecessary use of plastic or not. “Maybe I can find one of my old ones,” I thought. “Maybe I haven’t given them all away.”

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