It’s all about the learning curve

“I think I’m slowly beginning to know a little bit what I’m doing,” I say to the more experienced fencer I’ve just fenced–one of the few other students beyond college age there.

“And then you’ll find you don’t know anything all over again,” he tells me.

I think of the years I’ve been writing. “It’s the learning curve thing,” I say, understanding. “I’ve been there before.”

Still am there, really, as far as the writing goes. The things most worth learning seem to be the things where you never run out of something new to learn.

Meanwhile, after some careful online research, I think I finally understand the differences among weapons: foil fencers smile good-naturedly even as they strike, epee fencers are out for blood, and saber fencers are swashbuckling womanizers. Glad that’s all cleared up.

Except that, as someone who’s good natured and assumes every fight is a fight for the death, I guess I still don’t really know which weapon will ultimately be right for me. 🙂

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