Friday linky

Free download of Secret Vampire the first book of L.J. Smith’s Night World series. It’s sort of like Twilight, only better smarter different.

Speaking of free things, enter to win a free 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary by telling Powells your favorite word. You know you want to.

Speaking of fewer things, the story of stuff. (Via ktsparrow.)

But when you are buying stuff (gifts or other stuff), how about buying books from your local bookstore?

What’s a writer to do during a publishing recession? Keep writing.

Why does failure inspire some and demoralize others? Yet again it seems to come down to believing in perseverance and effort rather than talent. (And yes, I am amused that this link came up right after the one above.)

If the singer in this video is considered too overweight to be commercial, our society is even more messed up about body image issues than previously assumed. (via jamiam.)

Are the Faroe Islands the new black?

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