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Kirkus and Booklist have reviews of Bones of Faerie this week, yay! Both are only accessible to subscribers, so excerpts for now, and I’ll add links to full versions when I find them:

“The setting, characters and plot are ones every fantasy and science-fiction reader has seen before: the dystopian world, evil faeries, a protagonist with extra-strong, extra-special magic, a hunt for a lost mother. Simner keeps things interesting with a fair amount of action and the constant introduction of new characters. The postapocalyptic environment is haunting but not downright scary—the most frightening things are the people, not the magic. With its dark, sharply imagined world, this will appeal to readers of Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.” — Kirkus (ETA: Full review on the B&N site.)

“Simner’s first novel for YAs is an attention-catching twist of two piping-hot speculative scenarios—a postapocalyptic-wasteland journey layered upon a faerie-world-intruding-upon-our-own setup … Simner’s world-building leans heavily on atmospherics in lieu of specifics, and the foggy descriptions of magic are even tougher to get a handle on. But the mood is strikingly dark, and questions regarding mankind’s tendency toward suspicion and xenophobia will loom large in readers’ minds … many questions are left unanswered, but this will still garner a share of fans for its unusual and unsettling vision of a magically dystopian future.” — Booklist

And one that I can link to–some nice blog comments from ekanderson. 🙂

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