All we ever know is that the tourists survive, tra la

Department of awww: brain chemistry scans reveal is possible to remain crazy in love after 20 years: People who claimed to be madly in love for 20 years and people who had been in love only for months showed similar activation in the ventral tegmental area of the brain. Those years have benefits of their own, too: People in long-term relationships who were madly in love showed higher levels of activity in a part of the brain associated with calmness and pain suppression, whereas people in love for shorter periods of time had higher activity in a region of the brain associated with obsession and anxiety.

Does this mean one day writing could one day return to being a specialized skill we rely on trained scribes for? Interesting worldbuilding possibilities, there.

harvestar asks about songs that let us mourn.

Thanks to Google Earth, we now know that cows align themselves to magnetic north. Deer, too. Am I the only one who finds this just a little bit eerie?

This one won’t surprise anyone with chemical sensitivities. Or those of us who just find many so-called air fresheners unpleasant, either.

Darcy Pattison on how to fight writers’ depression: On days like today, when I have a tendency to look at reviews, royalties, agents, awards, sales, speaking engagements, or any other outward measure of success, I have to pull myself back. They only speak about yesterday’s projects, not today’s.

What a modern (economic) Depression might look like. (via lnhammer.)

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