And the market is dead and the phonelines are down/But it ties us together/My kind of town

Over on goodreads (the place where obsessive classifying of books is just one more form of procrastination), I’ve added a bookshelf for “think-ill-go-jump-off-a-bridge-now” books–a category which I suspect corresponds reasonably closely to rachelmanija‘s awesomely depressing books.

The amusing thing about these books, though, as I found when I began to label them, is that they mostly contain a mix of books I adored and books I hated, with very little in between. (Titus Andronicus being a notable exception. After seeing the St. Louis Shakespeare Company’s disturbingly hilarious production of this play, I could never entirely hate it.)

I’m sure there’s a lesson here. Maybe that if you’re going to write an incredibly depressing book (especially one with minimal hope left at the end), you’d better do an amazing job of it, because there’s not much room for anything less?

What’s your favorite–and what’s your most disliked–utterly depressing book? (Or movie or manga or game or whatever your favorite form of story is?)

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