November/”Sarah’s Window”

November’s story is “Sarah’s Window.”

“Stolen is such an emotional word.” The man–faery, witch, whatever–spoke with the calm of a still, clear night. “You say we steal children, and with that you call up all manner of awful images. You see us coming, under shadow of night, to spirit your young ones away with our false words, our songs, our spells. There’s magic that can do that, of course, not even very strong magic, and I’m not so noble that I wouldn’t use it, if I felt the need.”

I’ve long been fascinated with the changelings and stolen children of faerie folklore–but children, of course, are not the only thing that can be stolen away.

Meanwhile, I just found out that I’ll be signing Bones of Faerie February 3 in New York (7:30 p.m., Greenwich Village Barnes and Noble) and in Tucson February 7 (11 a.m., Foothills Mall Barnes and Noble). Probably way too early to even mention it (I’ll post again closer to the date), but–exciting! And makes the book seem just a little bit closer to real.

(ETA: Details and location of the Tucson B&N signing likely to change–I’ll post an update when I have it!)

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