Fencing neep and WFC

Thoughts after yesterday’s fencing lesson:

– Okay, contrary to initial appearances, getting my legs strong enough to do this was the easy part. Now to work on that arm strength.
– Because once you get a clue about proper form, the foil gets lots heavier.
– Not that I’m sure I really know about proper form. I’m having remarkable amounts of trouble just figuring out how I’m supposed to position my arms.
– Our coach seems to think within a year we’ll all be competition-ready. Hah! To my credit, I did not laugh aloud.
– Fencing shoes make moving easier. This makes me happy.

Meanwhile, lnhammer and I have had to cancel World Fantasy Convention this year (for good reasons–it’s up too close to a family wedding :-)), so we have two memberships to sell–we’re thinking either $125 for each of them (what we paid originally) or $200 for both. (Memberships are currently at $150/person.) If you’re interested or know someone who might be, email me at janni (at) simner (dot) com. Thanks!

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