Invasive Species

“Invasive Species,” is now online as part of Coyote Wild’s YA issue, along with many other YA short stories. More YA short fiction in the world, yay!

The story is set in the same universe as Bones of Faerie–ever since writing Bones, which is set in the Midwest, I’ve wondered what the war with Faerie looked like in Arizona (where even without magic, the plants know how to bite)–so I wrote this story to find out.

The issue has quite the lj lineup, with stories by alanajoli, asakiyume, drachin8, faerie_writer, fairmer, jeffsoesbe, jimhines, mistful, rhinemouse, and shweta_narayan as well. (Did I miss anyone?) Not to mention, of course, guest editor sartorias and her panel of teen readers, who together made the issue happen!

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