Linky post, science and comics edition

Large Hadron Collider successfully tested. (Actual collisions still to come.)

The Large Hadron Collider rap. (Via lnhammer, and most of the rest of my reading list, too.)

In other science news, Darth Vader explains the Pythagorean theorem. (Also via lnhammer, source of all things silly.)

halseanderson on branding and writing in more than one genre.

Mimi gets a contract: an all-too-familiar publishing scenario. (Via beth-bernobich.)

More book comics: His bookstore has a copy of every book in the world–all but one. (Via azang.)

metteharrison on fourteen elements of bad romance.

carlieatbccls interviews an intellectual property lawyer on fair use, copyright, and fanfiction.

carlieatbccls again on the changing role of parents in YA fiction.

One more olympic last place finish worth reading about. (Via jamiam.)

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