One of the fun things about Goodreads is that you can create bookshelves organized around various themes. (Bookshelves for books “read,” “to-read,” and “currently-reading” are created automatically.) It’s no surprise at all that the first two shelves I created were for post-apocalyptic books (more or less mirroring my blog list) and saga-related books. Then I decided to create a list of shapeshifter books, and ran into a problem.

Because about one time in ten, listing a shapeshifter book as a shapeshifter book is a spoiler. Heh. Even if it does throw a wrench in the works of trying to be an obsessive list-maker. 🙂

Interesting too to see how many different kinds of stories you can tell that involve shapeshifters of one kind or another.

ETA: And lnhammer suggests separating shapeshifters out from one-time, involuntary enchantments. If you can’t change more than once, you’re not a shifter, you’re just under a spell. Which, interestingly, removes most of the potential spoilers from consideration, huh!

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