So, I had my first fencing lesson yesterday, and it was Good. Going to take a fair bit of work to simply learn how to coordinate the movement of leg and (foil-wielding) hand, or become tolerable at moving across a room in a fighting stance–I’m neither well-coordinated nor light on my feet, so I suspect this could be a good stretch for me. Fun stuff.

(Well, except for the part where I thought I hadn’t been working very hard at all, then went to put my gear away, and pulled something in my knee–but I’m hoping that will heal given a couple days.)

So I signed up for a month’s worth of twice-a-week lessons, and will decide where to take it from there–whether I want to invest in the cost of gear and continued lessons (I do have some qualms about that), or to simply take what I’ve learned in that month and consider that a worthwhile thing in itself.

Either way, it should be an interesting month!

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