Njála fanfiction

During the livelongnmarry auction, sister-coyote offered to write medieval literary fanfic. It will come as a surprise as no one reading this journal that, when I won the auction, I requested a Njál’s Saga story. I didn’t ask for anything specific–after all the time I’ve spent exploring the saga, I was curious to see what parts of Njála would grab someone else writing in its world.

So I was delighted when the resulting story, “Blood and Ash,” showed up in my inbox this morning. 🙂

Blood and Ash
She was no fool; she knew it could not be the end.
Njal’s Saga. Hildigunnur-centric; Hildigunnur/Hoskuld, Hildigunnur/Kari. 2700 words.

Spoilery, of course, if you can spoil an 800-year-old story–it deals largely with events from the very last page of the saga, in fact.

Getting to read this this morning made me very, very happy. Thank you, sister-coyote!

And if the Mabinigion (which I still very much need to read) is more your flavor of medieval story, keep an eye on her journal–her other livelongnmarry fic (for rymenhild) will be set there. 🙂

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