A real live weekend

So the draft of TE is out to readers, the couple articles I’m working on are still waiting on interviews … all of which means: I have a real, live three-day weekend. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a full weekend. Well, okay–camping in May, but it feels longer ago somehow, or maybe a vacation, however lovely it is, isn’t the same as an agenda-free weekend. I’ve been forcing myself to take one day a week off for a while now (Saturday, because my ancestors have a long history of resting on Saturdays), and that’s been good for me, but three days–luxury.

So I’ve been reading, and playing too much of an addictive little game called Elven Blood over on Facebook, and getting to that market on the south side of town I’ve been meaning to visit forever.

I’m thinking about TE in a backbrain way, especially as comments from readers begin to come in (okay, I’ve taken time out from my weekend to read them so that the backbrain work can happen), but otherwise, I really do feel like I’m on a mini-vacation. And will feel more like I’m on one when Sunday comes and I don’t make myself get back to work.

By Monday, my brain just might explode from all this unstructured time.

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